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Activated Research Company // Shimadzu

Activated Research Company

Activated Research Company is an innovative product development company based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  ARC specializes in chemical analysis and catalytic reactors for gas and liquid chromatography.   ARC’s Polyarc and Jetanizer product lines are cutting-edge add-on accessories for gas chromatography equipment.  These microreactors significantly enhance the analysis of complex mixtures, biofuels and oils, and greenhouse gases, and improved FID sensitivity.



Shimadzu Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange:  7701), founded in 1875, is a leading provider of analytical and measuring instruments, medical systems, industrial machinery, and aircraft systems.   Shimadzu is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan with operations globally through a large network of subsidiaries.  The Polyarc and Jetanizer products complements Shimadzu’s line of gas chromatography devices for use in scientific, industrial and other laboratories around the world.